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RHRealityCheck- The Definition of an Online Partner

My inbox is constantly filling with emails, RSS feeds, calendar items and reminders. It’s nearly a full-time job just keeping up with everything. And as much as I hate to admit it, I don’t always read everything that comes through.

That is not the case with RHRealityCheck.

RHRealityCheck is an “online community and publication serving individuals and organizations committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights.” HOW PERFECT! Their writers provide regular blogs, commentary and analysis on reproductive health issues going on across the country and around the world. Their “up-to-the-minute” writings help keep me on target and updated on our issues in other state, and help illustrate how these problems effect the larger pictures.

RHRealityCheck‘s staff have always been extremely supportive of our work in South Carolina- and they have helped to move our work forward. In October 2009, they asked our Executive Director, Bonnie Adams, to write about the growing AIDS epidemic in the South and published her article Listen Up, Mr. President: HIV Has Moved South. In 2010, RHRealityCheck helped us promote our Virtual March and highlighted the tremendous work that people are doing in South Carolina.

Anyone interested in a “resource for evidence-based information, provocative commentary and interactive dialogue?” Then look no further than RHRealityCheck.org.

Here are 3 recent postings from RHRealityCheck:

You can visit RHRealityCheck at http://www.rhrealitycheck.org/. They are also on Facebook and can be followed on Twitter.

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